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Creating a Culture of Safety

On the Safety front, Premier holds a similar principle. Whether we are completing a 1 day Service project or a multi-million dollar data center, our focus on safety does not differ. We hold to our core rules of spoil distance (3ft), ladder usage (4ft), trench protection (5ft), and fall protection (6ft). Safety does not have a project size requirement; it is valued on every job, every day.


At Premier, we have a 3-part focus on every project (a “Golden Triangle”): Quality, Safety, and Production. Each of these is equality important, because each is important to our client. The safety focus has been important to Premier since day one. This is evident by our decreased number of incidents per year, even while the company is growing and taking on larger and more complex project.

The safety program has been bolstered in the last year with the addition of fulltime Field Safety Supervisors. Joe and Manuel are onsite every day, minimizing hazards and teaching safety regulations [and how they affect each worker].

Personal Protective Equipment needed on every project for the protection of our employees, is readily available than ever. Each and every superintendent and safety representative has multiple PPE backups if the need arises.

One area that is a struggle for many companies to control is employee driving and road hazards. However, Premier has advanced GPS technology on all vehicles and equipment that allows us to manage driver activity in real time. Knowing that driving can be a challenge here in the valley, our Compliance department is able to send a (gentle) reminder to our drivers regarding safe driving practices. The result is company-wide attention to detail and safety, even on the commute to the jobsite.

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Jeff Schulze

Risk Manager

Jeff joined the Premier team in 2019 as our training manager. He has since assumed the management of Safety and Worker's Comp as well. Jeff's background is in safety and training, and he serves our team by establishing processes to keep them safe. Another of his life passions is the development of people and leaders. This fits the Premier culture well, as we exist to train and develop our people.

For Today And The Future


We Keep Training And Keep Learning

Until We Get It Right

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Joe Brancato

Sr. Safety Representative

Joe has been with Premier since 2019 and in this time, he has enriched our safety team with his experience and care for the Premier family. Joe holds an OSHA 500 authorization to teach courses and he has a flare for dramatic presentations and interaction in his classes. On the jobsite, Joe cares deeply for each fellow employee that he sees, which is why he holds them to Premier’s safety standards. We would not have the safety culture we do without Joe Brancato.

Premier understands that our employees are our most valuable assets. No amount of equipment or technology will replace the value of an experienced, hardworking individual. We are also committed seeing our people grow and strengthen. This is why we are so committed to training and development. In all areas of our business, from the jobsite to the office, Premier provides opportunities to grow and develop.

Field personnel are provided regular production, quality, and safety training. Additionally, they can qualify for skill position training from some of our most experienced trainers.

Office personnel are encouraged and given opportunity to cross train in other areas and departments of the business. This spreads our collective knowledge and creates promotion opportunities from within.


We are proud that many of our supervisors and managers began in entry level positions. Even if an employee chooses to take their new knowledge and experience elsewhere, we are pleased that Premier was able to move them toward their personal goals.

A Solutions Based Company

Save Customer Time and Money

Without Compromising quality, safety, and productivity


Manuel Martinez

Site Safety Representative

Manny has been with Premier since 2021 and has quickly become a cornerstone of our safety team. His care for people’s health and wellness is tangible, and he has a passion for coaching and development. Manny is also bilingual, so he is able to partner with each member of the Premier family with no language barrier. This has been an essential aspect of our safety culture.

One principle that Premier has held  from day one is that we would be a service to clients, large and small. This has meant bidding on, and accepting projects, large and small. This principle, especially the ‘smaller project’ part, may have been easy in the early years when Premier was smaller. However, even with 16 years of experience and success, Premier has held to this principle: to work with all sizes of clients and projects.

Premier Underground is a leading dry utility contractor company with its corporate offices located in Glendale, Arizona. Premier Underground has been providing underground utility solutions for electrical contractors, general contractors, plumbing / mechanical contractors, residential developers & builders, and renewable contractors since 2004.

Premier is licensed to perform services in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Texas, inclusive of any national defense air port or bases (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines) in the United States.

The Premier Underground Express division consists of a fleet of state-of-the-art, full service custom "express trucks" that quickly and efficiently mobilize to job sites and save contractors time and money with an exclusive time and materials-based service.


Safety First


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