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Saving you time and money without compromising safety. 


Jeff Schulze

Risk Manager

Jeff joined the Premier team in 2019 as our training manager. He has since assumed the management of Safety and Worker's Comp as well. Jeff's background is in safety and training, and he serves our team by establishing processes to keep them safe. Another of his life passions is the development of people and leaders. This fits the Premier culture well, as we exist to train and develop our people.

Whether we are completing a 1 day Service project or a
multi-million dollar data center,
our focus on safety does not differ.

We maintain the core rules of:


Safety does not have a project size requirement:

it is prioritized on every job, every day.


At Premier, we have a 3-part focus on every project:

The Golden Triangle:
Quality, Safety, and Production.


Each of these is equality important,

because each is important to our clients.

 Safety has been a Premier Priority since day one.

Our low number of incidents year after year protects our people and saves time and money while ensuring the

highest quality work.

train. equip. monitor. train again.

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Joe Brancato

Sr. Safety Representative

Joe has been with Premier since 2019 and in this time, he has enriched our safety team with his experience and care for the Premier family. Joe holds an OSHA 500 authorization to teach courses and he has a flare for dramatic presentations and interaction in his classes. On the jobsite, Joe cares deeply for each fellow employee that he sees, which is why he holds them to Premier’s safety standards. We would not have the safety culture we do without Joe Brancato.

Luis has been with Premier since 2023 and is a valuable addition our safety team.

His care for people’s health and wellness is tangible, and he has a gift for explaining the reasoning behind safety regulations.

Luis is bilingual, so he can partner with each member of the Premier family with no language barrier.

This has been an essential aspect of our safety culture.



Site Safety Representative

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